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Homemade toys for filling her up…

Make wearable toys any size you need

My homemade toys for stretching my wife wider and deeper - filling her pussy to it’s limits! We’re not there yet…there are bigger toys in our future :)

I couldn’t find enough variety in realistic sleeves or extensions out there to buy….for guys to wear and give their gals a BIG COCK sex experience. We wanted a little longer and a little wider over time as she could handle more and more. So, I developed an easy way to turn pretty much ANY dildo into a wearable toy. I put them on and fuck her senseless with them. It’s such a turn on to see over 10” disappear into her. Or a cock with the girth of a pop can stretching her and stroking her deep. They feel terrific for me too!

My blog features our toys and methods for making them. Hopefully, folks will start making some of these for themselves and submit tales of pleasure, pics, dimensions, etc.

Love your blog! Keep up the good work!

If a man has to have a hobby, it should be one you share with your spouse. Thank you for sharing with all the fans of showusyoursextoys. R

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